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Email marketing

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Reaching your target audience just got easier with YSC Technosoft’s expertise in SMS and E-mail marketing

There is no denying the fact that the last few years or so has seen a meteoric rise in SMS and E-mail marketing. Many consider this to be one of the most effective ways of reaching your target audience via their devices which might include smartphones, tablets, and any other device for that matter. To put it in layman’s term every SMS and E-mail that you send to a potential client/customer can be termed as SMS and E-mail marketing.

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Simply building it as a case of SMS marketing vs. E-mail marketing would sound rather confrontational. What one needs to understand is that it is a case of using both these resources accurately.
SMS Marketing
Benefits from SMS marketing:
There are many instances where SMS marketing will assist you in maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI), including when you are sending out:
  • Personal alerts, like notifications, account updates, etc.
  • Information to keep customers in the loop.
  • Quick access to important information.
  • Meaningful and easily understandable content that is straight to the point without any unnecessary information.
  • Crucial information to customers who are not into to visiting apps and/or websites.
  • Deals and coupons.
Benefits from using E-mail marketing
In comparison to SMS marketing, E-mail marketing is something that suits a large number of purposes, and it is also something that many users are used to receiving for varying reasons, including:
01.Educational information.
03. Service or product promotions.
04.Meaningful, detailed content.
05.Requests for feedbacks, actions, etc.
06.Deals and coupons.

Before wrapping up...

In the future, one thing is for sure, and that is the fact that more and more businesses and other enterprises are going to use an amalgamation of both of these marketing services. So, why not come on board with us before your rivals do and experience the benefits stated above for yourself!!