Cyber Security Details

Why Mile 2

Traning Optrions

  • Created in the after March of 9/11.
  • Known for our robust cyber security certifications including the early development of the Certified Ethical Hacker in the U.S.A.
  • Developer and provider of proprietary vendor neutral professional certifications for global securities.
  • Have over 100 locations world-wide

All Cyber Domains Coverage

Course Details and Accreditation

  • SS Certified Security Sentinel - 16 CPE
  • ISSO Certified Information Systems Security Officer - 40 CPE
  • ISMS-LI Certified Information Security Management Systems Lead Implementer - 24 CPE
  • ISMS-LA Certified Information Security Management Systems Lead Auditor - 24 CPE
  • IS20Controls Information Systems 20 Controls - 24 CPE
  • ISSM Certified Information Systems Security Manager - 24 CPE
  • ISCAP Information Systems Certification and Accreditation Professional - 24 CPE
  • SLO Certified Security Leadership Officer - 40 CPE

  • VA Certified Vulnerability Assessor - 24 CPE
  • PEH Certified Professional Ethical Hacker - 40 CPE
  • PTE Certified Penetration Testing Engineer - 40 CPE
  • PTC Certified Penetration Testing Consultant - 32 CPE
  • SWAE Certified Secure Web Application Engineer - 32 CPE
  • WSE Certified Wireless Security Engineer - 32 CPE
  • DRE Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer - 32 CPE
  • HISSP Certified Healthcare IS Security Practitioner - 24 CPE
  • ISSA Certified Information Systems Security Auditor - 32 CPE
  • IHE Certified Incident Handling Engineer - 40 CPE
  • VME 6.0 Certified Virtual Machine Engineer - 40 CPE
  • DFE Certified Digital Forensics Examiner - 40 CPE
  • NFE Certified Network Forensics Examiner - 40 CPE

YSC and Mile2 distinct advantages

We are internationally accredited Robust list of GTR - Courses Exam can be taken on-line Mile2 provides a complete offering with each purchase:

  • E-Work Book
  • E-Lab guide
  • E-Prep Guide
  • Completion certificate with CPE’s
  • On-Line CBT – Video of the course
  • Exam voucher (2nd Free Re-Take)


U.S. Air Force Base: "These courses cannot be substituted with a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) curriculum."

U.S. Air Force Statement of Work 05T0273 won by mile2. Prospective respondent to the solicitation asked the following question:

Q: " Why doesn'tWright-Patterson AFB want a CEH-certified curriculum?“

USAF's response was as follows: "CEH-certified courses tend to focus on teaching the student how to use a handful of tools that are available on the internet. While this knowledge is somewhat useful during a penetration test, our goal is to expand on this and learn how to turn our results into a professional report. Most of our students know how to use these tools, but need to learn the methodology behind a full penetration test. This methodology could include identifying protection opportunities, justifying testing activities and optimizing security controls to reduce business risk.“

Partner Offerings

Authorized Training Partner (Accredited)

EC-Council Certifications

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
  • EC-Council Certified Security Analyst
  • Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT)

PECB Certifications

  • ISO 27000
  • ISO 20000
  • ISO 22300