Document Management System

Here’s why you should choose us:

YSC based on market demand assessed and addressed few key concerns of various corporates in the DMS space

  • Price Concerns
  • Ease of retrieval of Data
  • API integration and seamless integration with existing ERP systems (SAP / MS Dynamics)
  • Grouping of various data acquired across various time period for the same data component.
  • Secure and Encrypted
  • Single repository for archiving all documents functional-area/department wise
  • Easy & Quick retrieval of documents through multiple search criterion depending on document type and also all relevant documents
  • Existing files to be updated
  • Through Access Restriction built into the system, need based access would be made available to users. This will help in maintaining Data Confidentiality and Security.
  • Generating alert-based expiration like agreements, updating/deleting/adding documents.
  • Storing keyword/tags for searching documents
  • Managing Department & User
  • Managing File Attribute/Fields
  • Search & Filtering Functionality – By all criterions that are detailed in the Upload File.
  • Uploading / Download Files (Single and Multiple in a batch).
  • Tagging files to each other (Single and Multiple in a batch).
  • Search/Filtered list to be exported in the form of Excel.
  • Functionality to Edit / Delete Files – Limited Access.
  • Individual level edit/delete/upload option to be mentioned at the time of creation of user. Same privilege could be modified by Administrator only.
  • Intimation Email on Events (Upload, Edit, Deletion, Expiry Date etc.) to Related Mangers, Administrators, Application Owner etc.
  • Reminder Email near Expiry Data filled into the Master 1 Month before Expiry.
  • Concept of sharing common values of Fields and Tags of a set of files.
  • Concept of overwriting a file / replacing a file.
  • Characteristics for searching a file and showing the related files.